04 February 2011

Friday Funny

I've been collecting these for a while, and suddenly it hit me. If they made me laugh, perhaps they will do the same for you...

meteor shower
too hot to handle
sants in his pants
I think we need to meat about this.
I can talk like this.  Without thinking.
My new favorite color!

1 comment :

  1. You have the proofreading eye, too. I was in the printing business for many years and I'm always catching typos. Some of the worst are in the pre-movie ads at the theater. Yikes! You'd think somebody would proofread this stuff before they put it on a giant screen. Love the contaminated "meet."


Dusty words lying under carpets,
seldom heard, well must you keep your secrets
locked inside, hidden deep from view?
You can talk to me... (Stevie Nicks)

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