04 January 2018

Favorite Things

favorite finished quilts of 2017

The Instagram #bestnine meme is a fun way to finish out the year. I didn't put together as many collections in 2017 as I did in 2016, when I first discovered the fun activity, because I didn't have enough time to go through old photos. Yet, I'm pretty happy with the few I did complete.

favorite flower shots

favorite snowflakes designed in 2017
(although had I waited a week longer to compile these,
my Christmas Eve Snowflake would have replaced one of these)

November Reign made it SO difficult to pick 9 favorite sunrises!!!

I didn't get to ride much in 2017,
so I didn't get to shoot many cycling shots,
but I like what I did get!

1 comment :

  1. A great way to recall 2017 and see all that you did and accomplished and shot!


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