22 June 2017

Take the Long Way Home

Ride the Rockies, Day 5 – Ridgway to Montrose via Government Springs

Today's route is 20 flat miles, plus an optional out and back with a little bit of a climb, and the next two days are filled with more grueling climbs and wind. So my Sweet Lizard opted to take the day off again and spend it with me. This way, he'd get a day of rest before finishing up the tour. Win/win!

We are right in the heart of our favorite part of the state. I'd thought about potential destinations just in case he did keep the bike in the car today. I thought a return to Mineral Creek, where I spent some time yesterday, would be fun, as would the Blue Lakes trailhead up Dallas Divide. Lizard liked both of those ideas, but he suggested a third option... Why not drive up Owl Creek Pass and circle back to Montrose, coming into town on the opposite side, avoiding cyclists and soaking up some of the best scenery in Colorado?

We turned a 20-mile day into a 67-mile adventure, crossing the very same paths we took 12 years ago when he proposed to me. We didn't have time for the same hike, unfortunately, but it was exhilarating to be back in the Cimarron Forks.

We hoped to see some wildlife and instead saw quite a few wildflowers. And dandelions!!! We enjoyed a picnic lunch above Silver Jack Reservoir and playing with lenses and camera exposures in one of our favorite autumn aspen destinations. Some of the shots we took might be fun to do as four-season series!

The wildflowers, not even at peak yet, were outstanding!

We went up the West Fork spur as far as we could. It doesn't get plowed, and winter had not completely melted away.

The most difficult part of the day was leaving Ridgway. We found an incredible hidden jewel in the B&B where we stayed, and we're anxious to go back one day. It will make a great basecamp for all our favorite hikes... Blue Lakes, Highland Mary Lakes and Ice Lakes. Middle Fork, where he proposed, might be a bit too far, but we can always catch that another time.

One of the best advantages to being on the RtR disabled list this year was having the soak tub to myself after the cyclists all left to pedal in the heat. The views were phenomenal!

21 June 2017

Almost Wordless Wednesday

not my photo, but way cool

Ride the Rockies, Day 4 – Durango to Ridgway via Coal Bank Pass, Molas Pass and Red Mountain Pass

20 June 2017

Day Off

Ride the Rockies, Day 3 – Durango Loop

What do you do in Durango when you can't ride, you left your hand-quilting project at home, your husband opts not to ride so he can spend the day with you, and you decide after both of you sleep in that any long drive is out of the question?

Easy! You finish winding the hand-dyed thread you whipped up at home last weekend while your sweet husband tinkers with his bike in preparation for the biggest challenge of the week tomorrow.

You take pictures of him working on his bike to submit in the daily photo contest.

(Here's the winning shot by Jake Nixon...) (STIFF competition this year!!!)

You visit the Durango Quilt Shop... with the love of your life!!! (And curl your toes when he admires just as many different fabrics as you! Especially the batiks!)

You accompany the love of your life to the local bike shop when he discovers his freehub with 20,000 miles on it is failing. And dream about a week-long summer vacation with a two-year-old granddaughter...

You check out cruiser bikes, just in case that's what the doctor recommends when all the blasted tests are done.

You laugh at the socks.

You take more pictures of the man of your dreams as he installs his new freehub and then test rides the bike. In street clothes!

You play with his spare tube while he's not looking.

You crochet while he works, if it doesn't hurt your sore elbow too much...

And you dream about the quilt shop panels that got away (because you resisted and didn't buy them).

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